Staff Directory

GSEC Staff Directory
First Name Last Name Title Email
Alina Almanza Speech Language Pathologist
Shanna Bass Educational Diagnostician
Suzanne Berhow Speech Language Pathologist
Tabatha Borchardt ARD Facilitator
Polly Cullers ARD Facilitator
Renee Deaver ARD Facilitator
Jenna Dzuik Speech Language Pathologist
Dianna Garcia Administrative Assistant of Records
Liza Guerra ARD Facilitator
Kelsey Henegar Educational Diagnostician
Kimberly Hierholzer Educational Diagnostician
Kaitlyn Hill SLP-Assistant
Katie Hoffmann Administrative Assistant of Records
Shannon Holder Licensed Professional Counselor
Lori Homeyer Director of Special Education
Loree Jefferson Speech Language Pathologist
Judy Klare Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Psychological Services Coordinator
Kimberly Kowalik ARD Facilitator
Jessica Lambeck Speech Language Pathologist
Cordie Marrou Speech Language Pathologist
Pat Martinez Administrative Assistant of Records
Leslie McCaleb-Dillion Educational Diagnostician
Peggy Montgomery Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Heather Moore Occupational Therapist
Lacey Mueller ARD Facilitator/In-Home Parent Trainer/CPI Trainer
Michelle Perez Educational Diagnostician
Traci Perry Garmon Registered Occupational Therapist
Linda Popps Administrative Assistant of IT
Sabrina Risken Licensed Specialist School Psychology
Linda Rodriguez Administrative Assistant of Operations
Ashley Schultz Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
Amy Shedd Licensed Professional Counselor
Kimberlee Soliz ARD Facilitator
Gina Sugarek Licensed Physical Therapist
Pamela Thompson Visually Impaired Teacher
Destiny Tilley Administrative Assistant - ARDs
Audrey Vasquez SLP-Assistant
Janie Vega Administrative Assistant
Kristal Von Dohlen ARD Facilitator
John von Dohlen III Business Manager, Coordinator of Assistive Technology, Related Services & Information Technology
Janna Weise Educational Diagnostician
Lyndal Wiatrek Educational Diagnostician, ECI/Speech Coordinator
Machaela Zellmer Visually Impaired Teacher

Staff Directory-Contracted

First Name Last Name Title Email
Audrey DeSpain Speech Language Pathologist
Kel Owens Speech Language Pathologist
Christine Sanders LSSP
Sherry Sommer ARD Facilitator